Seapath Estates

Outdoor Illumination was called upon for three projects in the beautiful Seapath Estates section of Wrightsville Beach. Originally, a very poorly lit community, we were asked to come up with a lighting design for the entrance as well as two beautiful waterfront homes. The entrance landscape design used a triangular approach with palms and a short wall to the right, a feature palm and estate signage to the left, and a series of large sabal palms that greeted the community and their visitors as they entered the area. Using a combination of wall wash lighting and uplighting on the sides, and narrow beam-spread spot lighting on the tall sabal palms, the community had a new elegant nighttime look. Next up, two beautiful waterfront estates. Using every trick in our playbook: uplighting, downlighting, moonlighting, path lighting, underwater lighting, spread lighting and custom lighting, we crafted a design for the side by side properties that was unique to each, yet complemented each other perfectly. For some of the palm lighting, it looks as though the trees are shared with trees lit in a 360 degree manner. Other lighting helped to clearly define one estate from the other. Ponds, waterfalls, benches, a rock deck, a wall of podocarpus, wax myrtles, and more come to life at night to create a tasteful yet dramatic experience with an eye on safety and security as well.