Prestonwood Country Club Estate, Cary, NC

This beautiful estate sits on the prestigious Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC. Outdoor Illumination was called in to revamp an old and outdated lighting system and start from scratch on a new one. As usual, we started by walking the grounds several times, taking notes and pictures and getting the vibe of the entire setting. The house is a large cottage-style home set on three acres and the homeowner was interested in the lights providing beauty and elegance, but safety and security as well. The landscape was being redone and a pool was being installed so we worked with the entire team to make sure the lighting complemented all features, new and old. There was also beautiful statuary throughout the property that became a major focus of our lighting design as you’ll see in the photos. We were honored when Kichler Lighting, the world’s leading manufacturer of indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting selected our project as a feature for their upcoming magazine. They even sent out their own photographer, the very talented Eric Hanson of Hanson Photographic, to do the shoot. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed designing and installing this wonderful project.