Middle Sound Loop, Wilmington

This beautiful waterfront estate was once used for the setting of a wedding in the locally-filmed, Dawsons Creek. You can immediately see why. We used several different lighting approaches to this. We wanted to create a beautiful way in to the home by lighting a series of palms, crapes and live oaks to the right and left of the drive and then provided some “moonlighting” coming down from the trees above. We used LED underwater lights to light the waterfalls in the pond. Moving around back, we lit the pathways with custom LED path lights that match the Mediterranean architecture of the home. We used accent lights on stems to down light the columns next to the pool and placed tiki torch LED lights next to the deck of the pool to provide light there as well. The top of the tiki’s function just like a regular tiki torch using a canister for citronella oil. We lit several live oaks out back and placed starburst fixtures up in the trees over the tree house to add a fun flair. The fire pit is softly down lit once again using our moonlighting technique. Finally, we lit the pier with 24 LED brass puck lights leading towards the water. The nighttime setting is absolutely magical.