Landfall Estate

This beautiful estate sits on one of the most stunning lots overlooking the Intracoastal waterway in Landfall. To pull off a lighting design that would match its beauty, we spent several hours walking the property and taking detailed notes about different features including the house itself, the elegant tree-lined entrance, the stone walls, the massive mature live oaks throughout, and a wonderful walking path in the back. We also had to consider how the pool would play into the lighting mix. We used several LED integrated high-output well lights that could be flush-mounted and hidden at the base of the walls and under some of the stunning live oaks. The backyard is magical at night as you can see in the photos of the estate as it overlooks Wrightsville Beach off in the distance. We hope the pictures will tell some of the story. The clients are thrilled and so are we. This is truly a gem at night as well as in the day.