Audi Cape Fear, Wilmington, NC

Outdoor Illumination was asked to develop a lighting design that would illuminate this award-winning piece of architecture. The building itself was designed by the Becker Morgan Group and is truly a Wilmington, NC gem. While much of the building was lit there was one area that the owner felt was lacking…and clearly an opportunity for something stunning. Outdoor Illumination set out to research the market for something spectacular and finally settled on a design that would become a piece of nighttime art and entertainment. We selected American Lighting’s LED RGB system to do the job. The RGB system would allow us to produce millions of colors and effects on the corner of the building that sits on Eastwood and Racine. We are now in the process of upgrading the control systems thereby allowing us to do more and more with a DMX-based control system where the light shows will become even more exciting than before. This is truly a “Stay Tuned For More!” project.